Author: incahealinggoddess

I come from an extensive ancestral line of healers and psychics from the mystical wonders of Peru. One of my tools from my spiritual toolbox is the Tarot and I love to combine interpretation with shamanic tools; I offer readings from my Mesa. Depending on the client's needs I may do a little life coaching, a Reiki attunement, Shamanic journeying, or use my mediumship abilities to deliver a message from those who have crossed, or deliver a message from your own guide. My favorite is to teach you how to develop your own intuition and provide you with the gift of certainty. I love to write, self-express, co-create, pizza, inca kola, and french bread (except I am gluten free - so I eat these in my sleep). I am passionate about you and me, and my favorite line is "I am all about peace. love. and a little go f*ck yourself." My favorite place to be is around my family. I strongly believe home is where the heart is. I cry on a moments notice and it can be as simple as watching a sappy love story to witnessing human kindness. I love to share my wisdom, hence I blog!

Mesa Carrier

When a Shaman opens their mesa it is representing the opening of the light body of the Shaman. A mesa is a deep expression of nature. The sacred stones form a rich tapestry connecting one to pachamama, mother earth. The communion with the Mesa is the energetic body of the shaman and the spirit world. A true Mesa Carrier can acknowledge the power (its capacity to hold energy) of the transmission and experiential growth within the sacredness the Mesa offers a Shaman.