I am a third generation psychic from an extensive ancestral line of healers and psychics from the mystical wonders of Peru. My tool is the Tarot and I love to combine the interpretation of the Tarot with shamanic tools.  About 5 years ago, I delved deeply into my Shamanic roots and ever since then, I like to call my reading sessions, Mesa Readings.   When I consult with clients, I love to offer personal healings.  These come in many forms, like a little life coaching, a Reiki attunement, Shamanic Journeying, or use my mediumship abilities to deliver a message from those who have crossed.  I also tap into their higher self, and may deliver a message from their own guides, guardian angels, or animal totems. My favorite is to teach you how to develop your own intuition and provide you with the gift of certainty.

I love french bread, pizza, and Inca Kola; but I am gluten free.  I raise my vibration by singing, dancing, jogging (I need to jog more often).

My favorite place to be is around my family. I strongly believe home is where the heart is. I cry on a moments notice and it can be as simple as watching a sappy love story to witnessing human kindness.

I believe in the human condition, miracles, the power of intention, we are all designed for greatness, and that when two people get together it is to become better versions of themselves.

I love to share my wisdom, hence I blog!  I love to read, write, and social media.  I am a student of life, and answer my calling to teach the masses.  Authentically. Passionately. Unconditionally with Love.

I love to connect with others, please feel free to drop me a line, share your thoughts, let’s chit chat . . .

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