Rekindling Passion & Romance

Before I met my husband, I used to be reminded of how single I was on that dreaded Hallmark’s Holiday we all know as Valentine’s Day.  Back in the day, I often referred to as “Single Awareness Day”.  I am not sure if it was the hype of a fancy, over priced dinner for ONLY a party of two; or the never arriving dozen roses to my job; or hearing the ridiculous love confessions on the radio; or the ostanticious surprise wedding proposals on television (social media, too!) that made me feel like the most single person in the whole wide world! When I realized that I had drank that damn Kool-aide, about hearts and chocolates.

Are you in a relationship? I have been celebrating eight Valentine’s Days with my husband, and he didn’t  propose on Valentine’s Day.  Matter of fact, it was Martin Luther King’s Birthday weekend!  He also never sent me flowers to work.  Looking back, we have never been to a V-Day dinner for two.  We have often enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day with his parents, my sister and her husband, or our son (If he doesn’t ditch us for his Valentine!). But let me share with you what he does do on any given day he is inspired.  I am flourished with random acts of love.  I may get a heart felt card on a random night of the week, hand picked flowers on ‘just because’ kind of day.  And every single time he does these beautiful acts of love, he whispers in my ear, “we celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of our lives, not just on Valentine’s Day”.  Music to my ears.  I get romance on most every day unless my inner bitch has been let loose and is on a rampage, acting a fool!  He swoops me and kisses me gently on the most erroneous place in my body; and on Sunday Football, while I am minding my own business, in my own space, I get a cuddle or an ‘I love you’ visit during commercial.

Ever get that feeling of mundane in your relationship? Well you will have to visit my Red Tent, The Code, that is held at El Despacho in Reseda, California if you would like to hear about how mundane my relationship has gotten after our 7 year itch.  How do we inspire or stay inspired to entice our partner with a little romance? And talk more about how Relationships can get stagnate and how expectations can fall short when we are hoping that cupid’s arrow hit him with a big heart!

February’s Topic under our Red Tent, REKINDLING PASSION & ROMANCE is all about doing some soul searching and participating in igniting the passion in our relationships. Whether it is a relationship with our significant other or rekindling a relationship with ourselves.  I am in the 4th Phase of my life and before I could share my life with someone, I needed to have a great relationship with myself.  Come join us for some thought provoking statements, sharing our most exotic secrets. We even have some exotic massage oils, salt baths, and of course our self care package of herbal essence baths because if we don’t have love for ourselves, what do we have to offer anyone else? Are you ready to ignite the Muse in you?

I can’t wait to see your inner temptress come out and play with us! Reserve Your Seat for Tuesday’s Gathering.

Want to know more about our Red Tent?  Oh! and sorry gentlemen, this is for Women Only. . .


Seat of Your Soul

The Seat of Your Soul is a $35.00 investment in yourself to join the rest of your tribe at the Red Tent Lady Code. Wherein you will uncover and experience a series of monthly super powers at El Despacho (a private residence) in Reseda , California. A delightful 2 hours filled with connection, laughter, a-ha moments via an educational platform. Wherein we converse, activate, and re-generate in the company of amazing women. This ticket, has NO MEMBERSHIP PERKS. However, you are committing to igniting that fire within you whenever possible and as your schedule permits! Thank you for loving yourself. This Non-Member Fee is solely to attend and participate in a Red Tent Series, no life coaching call, no 7 min. guided meditation and no bonus spiral spread.



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