January Topic for Red Tent Series

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Happy New Year!!!

I am excited to kick off the 2018 year motivated, on track, and hopeful, how about you? I will be honest, as I always try to keep it real for us, I do notice that I may lose site of all my New Year’s Resolutions, 2018 Goals, New Aspirations (whatever you want to call it) as the months pass and “life” happens!

Hence we have January’s Topic, SACRED ACCOUNTABILITY which allows us to visit our intentions as well as our not so great follow throughs.  It is easy to have aspirations but, successfully achieving our intentions takes: skill, practice, and often sisterhood!

I will share mine, I hope you join us to share yours.  I invite you to join me by reserving the Seat of Your Soul and join successful, enriching, gifted and amazing women to this Thursday’s Monthly Gathering.   I do have membership deals, but I encourage you to check us out first!  See if you even like our Tribe, then maybe you might want to enjoy the perks of the membership has to offer. This gathering is held in the heart of Reseda, California, at a private residence.  Only those who reserve their seat and are interested in attending will be given the details and location of our gathering.

More about what to expect this Thursday

We will be also touching on the subject of Vision Boards!  If you are already ahead of the game have done your vision board for 2018, but are missing the sisterhood, join us!  We would love to see your aspirations for 2018, after all this is a group where we can share, grow wiser, and feel connected.  Are you in need of zoning in your focus for 2018 because there is a list of “I WANTs” then come participate!  Be INSPIRED! That is what we are here for, to support one another.  

The Red Tent is for WOMEN ONLY.  Our gatherings are held every FOURTH THURSDAY (and coming soon, SECOND TUESDAY) of every month!  At “El Despacho” in Reseda, California, you can always find sacred space to explore your inner bewitched, to play, laugh, share, and find support for your vision.

Interested to learn more about the LADY CODE, or ABOUT ME? click the links and come find out. Better yet, JOIN US! Thursday, January 25, 2018, at a private residence, 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  The Code is all about empowering women.  You, Me, Us . . . We.

It is to honor the sacred aspect of femininity we have lots of elements that help us cultivate, align with our natural cycle and learning how to co-create with Universe from the Seat of Our Soul, the Womb.

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