What Would They Say?

I often think about my ancestors.  Do you?  Would they be proud of our world today? We are losing so many amazing and talented people (Tom Petty, RIP) and when I think of Vegas, I often think of THE RAT PACK.

I had no words yesterday.  I couldn’t comment on social media (not that anyone cares anyway).  I needed time to digest Sunday’s Massacre that happened at the Mandalay Bay.  I was watching television when the news started to inform us of the mindless acts of a really disturbed human being, using innocent lives as his target practice.  Last I heard on the news today was that 60 funerals are being planned, and 550 were injured in a venue that housed 25,000 people. . . I know we have lost more lives in War, but these were civillians.  Untrained, unarmed, people.  I am not going to talk about ‘VEGAS’ – “Sin City” because the religious will say that it was an act of God, while those who don’t believe that Jesus punishes will say that it is the balance of good and evil.  So much has been said about this tragedy, that truly there is nothing I could add.  However, I feel I need to talk about something bigger.

As an empath, I feel A LOT.  When the world is hurting there is deep pain that brings me to my knees.  I can’t explain it.  The feeling is more than compassion and empathy.  It is a physical pain.  Physical anxiety, confusion, distraught, and the internal sirens that occur before hand, are clues and pieces of a much bigger puzzle.  Brings me to the time, months before the movie theatre massacre occurred in Aurora, Colorado.

Months before this incident, I would be sitting at the movies, eating popcorn waiting for the previews to start and I would have a strong urge to have an escape plan.  A route, and what I would do if gun fire started to occur!  I would have this image of people falling on top of me, everyone trampling all over each other and people dying.  Because I am a creative soul, I thought damn! I need to elevate my frequency because I am writing a movie script that is pretty dark.  Then it happened.  I cried for days, feeling responsible for not meditating on this vision.  Sadly, this vision occurred every time I sat in the movie theatre.  Not once, but many times over and over again, for months.  I could have been more responsible with my gifts.  If I could see the future, why couldn’t I find out exactly where this tragedy would occur?!  As a consolation I would think of the words my spiritual father, Wayne Dyer, would say: “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world” did it heal me, no.  Just put a band aid by trying to make sense of such a senseless act.

Now, about what happened, I was, again, unable to pin point anything!  Why? Because we have so much going on in the world in this instant.  I am in a constant state of survival.  Allow me to remind everyone that I too am human and a student of life, wherein I get my own lessons and journey.  I also want to preface that I have a lot of experience as an empath (45 years) and I teach others how to navigate their gifts.  So while I am constantly being disheveled, due to worldly issues, I can get back to center a lot quicker than most.  I also am keenly aware that it is not my job to be the answer to the world, but to focus on my arms reach.  This is how I keep sane.  I am not the only empath either.  Nor the answer to the end all. As a matter of fact, there are many of us!  I will share how WE can work together, keep reading.

However, being an empath and a Visionary with a unique ability to tap into Universal Intelligence, I can foresee where we are going, I need to call out all my light workers.  My earth keepers, my wall flowers, my wisdom keepers, and my peaceful warriors.  As a collective, we each need to do our part.   I have always thought of myself as a grain of rice.  The world as a bowl, and clusters are formed based on my intimate and social circle.  Location, environment, and how much we want to stick with others.

There are a gazillion ideas I have in my head that I could spill here, and ‘dictate’ to you, but we already have enough ‘bossy boots’ in the world (don’t we?).  I want to inspire you to think of everyday as an opportunity to love yourself and love your neighbor.

Foremost, to be a conscious human being.  Those that are parents, mentors with authority to inspire by way of example, we have big roles to fulfill.

Pay attention to what we are eating! We are suffering from many levels of psychological disorders and quite honestly I think it is the food.  GMO, Pharmaceuticals, Contaminated Water.  Our nutrients are not of new earth but of an old, decaying earth.  That humanity has been slowly, unapologetically been killing Mother Earth.  I believe we should walk slower, drive more carefully, and speak to one another, acknowledging strangers by practicing common courtesies like, “thank you” and “how are you today”.  We all have to be somewhere and traffic is just unbearable, but it’s no longer a matter of “will it kill you to be safe than sorry” but now the saying is  “will you kill one person because of your careless texting and driving?  Do you remember the structure of an automobile?  It didn’t go uber fast, it was a luxury.  Sunday driving, remember?  How about a well made piece of furniture?  Now everything is replaceable or obsolete.  Well, so will we. Yes, we will become obsolete too!  I can’t remember my mother’s phone number, because I don’t ever use it!  Siri dials it for me!  (Yeah, me too!  Guilty! I am not saying I am perfect but I do strive to live by example.)

We are falling into a ‘walking dead’ syndrome driven by instant gratification and our data phones are living more than we are.  May I remind you that you are a soul having a human experience?  Why are we numbing ourselves?  There is a generation that will pretty much become extinct because they don’t know what playing outside until sunset feels like. As human beings we need to move.  Not be immobile.   I was at a celebration of life and my nephews were on their tablets when there was a beautiful backyard to run around in!  This is not their parents fault.  It’s sadly the generation they belong in.  I get it, “Millenials” and I am not sure what the next generation is going to be called, but that is exactly what is frightening me. We are not paying attention to the value life has.  Generation X is responsible for our children and their children’s children . . .

This imbecile, who shall remain nameless in my life, scarred the life of 600 people! (and counting?)   Our earth is falling apart with hurricanes, and natural disasters. California is expecting THE BIG ONE, an earthquake that might kill multitudes, and this “Scooby Snack” decided to go target practicing on human beings?! (Actually describing him as a Scooby Snack is way too prestigious so help me out, pick a word yourself and insert there)   What is happening?  So much chaos, division, scarcity, tragedies, devastation, and no regard towards human lives.  ALL LIVES MATTER!

We need to take action.  We need to take several steps back and reach into our roots.  Be the grain of rice that forms positive clusters and if we all act accordingly, then we will be come a beautiful, bowl of rice .   Our bowl is starting to have cracks.  Maybe we can practice some Eastern Philosophy and seal the cracks with gold to make it whole again.

Asian Bowl

Here is a suggestion of the first step. Take time to think YOU matter. YOU are a changing agent.  YOU impact the lives in your world. BE the example.  But, YOU need to have a plan. So, what is your plan?  Will you share it with me? How about with your world.  We need to be United.  We can agree to disagree, but love conquers all.  So when you THINK that you don’t have the same education, race, or religion – go to the Universal Language of Human Kindness, Love.  It conquers all.

I leave you with these words that impact my life daily.  “Not only do you become what you think, but the world also becomes what you think about.  Those who think that the world is a dark place are blind to the light that might illuminate their lives.  Those who see the light of the world, view the dark spots as merely potential light.” – Wayne Dyer.

In Munay,

Liz Saal de Casas

Your IncaHeallingGoddess



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