How Are You Doing?

We have just completed or initiated (wherever you find yourself at this moment) a series of cosmic forces that have served us to catch some spiritual waves towards our ascension. We activated cosmic portals and danced with nature, the elements, synchronizing our intentions. Now,  is the time we observe and contemplate.  Breathe deeply, take initiative and pay attention.

“What Comes Up?”

Is it magical? Is it challenging? What is your frequency? Where are you vibrating?  These are questions to ponder over as your energy is adjusting to the new intentions we set forth in our soul evolution.

When we co-create and set forth intentions, Universe either allows us to ascend or leads us on a detour because we aren’t ready yet.  It isn’t because something went wrong.  More like, something isn’t quite there.  We need a little more time to acclimate to our own innate power.  Ever heard of wanting a Ken Doll?  Well are you Barbie?  Because Barbie has the nice car, the glamping gear . . . and Ken.  Do you understand what I mean?  If not, comment below and I will clarify.

On August 8, we activated a portal and I assisted clearing some blockages, as we ascended into better versions of ourselves.  On August 21, I hosted a Black Moon – Solar Eclipse Meditation Circle at El Despacho in Reseda, California, which was the end of initiations that began July 1st of 2017. There was so much cosmic energy that I am sure with (or no) help from me that you are either riding this wave onto shore or are getting caught in a riptide, you know those stretches of turbulent water in the sea, caused by the meeting of currents or abrupt changes in-depth that flow outwards from the shore, causing disturbance on the surface? Yeah, a whole lot of mess!

I really want to address the currents/riptide.  Please stay confident that it is merely a detour.  Universe always has a grander plan and directs us in a way that we can walk the labyrinth, trusting we will end up on the right path.  If you aren’t ready for your dream it is because you are vibrating at a frequency that is not aligned with your dreams, hopes, and desires.

Whether you joined me (or not) you are noticing that something is happening. Perhaps this serendipitous moment to find these words here, are catalysts for you to get to work towards co-creating a better version of yourself, or not.

As some of you joined me in Carpinteria for the Lion’s Gate Portal and others joined me at El Despacho for the Black Moon/Solar Eclipse Shower Meditation Fire Ceremony. I wanted to share what I had captured and highlighted some moments to recall this great act of self-love you have made to yourself, and bring you good news . . . at the Fire Ceremony, a good portion of the ashes burned fully.  Yay!!! Why am I so damn perky about this?  Well usually when the ashes are white, that means that our prayers have been heard.

Allow me to elaborate . . . in the series of Ascension, Meditation, Fire Ceremony; we completed the series of cosmic events on the 21st with a Despacho.  An Ancient Spiritual Ceremony practice, offering Pachamama (Mother Earth) the Apus (Mountains) and nature spirits a prayer bundle for healing and manifesting our heart’s desires.   I communed in meditation and prayer with my elders, your guides, and heart-felt desires and included those who attended both ceremonies their wishes, dreams of hope, and desire to heal.  Those who were present at the New Moon/Black Moon/ Solar Eclipse Meditation/Fire Ceremony, assisted in concluding this series of cosmic alignment, ascension, and healing that was necessary to carry this prayer bundle to the heavens and nature spirits.

As a medicine woman, I often communicate and understand the language of my elders through ritual. It is through the smoke and the ashes that messages from above show us the path to our ascension.  I am happy to report that your prayers were heard, and also cautiously informing you that there were deep blockages and that they have been taken into consideration.  I do not expect you to read the ashes, but I do want to be authentic about the entire process and inform you that the road for some will be ‘bumpy’ and we should nurture ourselves when times get tough.  Self Care is a priority when we are shifting, growing, and evolving.  This is where our soul lessons emerge to the surface and if we are determined to ascend, then we are also ready to learn and pass the lesson.  This allows us to evolve into a higher frequency, aligning us with our heart’s desires.  A video of these two events I hosted will be posted for your viewing pleasure.  Please give me about 2 weeks, as I am not tech savvy and all of this is challenging.  I have one thing in my favor, Mercury went forward on September 5, at 4:29 a.m. (thank you Universe!) so I am hoping in less time, but I am committing to finishing the edits within the next 2 weeks.  You can find the video when I publish it at and reminisce this beautiful experience with people of like mind or feel inclined to join me at the next opportunity you feel ‘is time’ for you and you are ready to ascend.


If this was a wonderful experience but you are not feeling ‘great’!  Call me.  Let’s set up an appointment, and let’s work it out.  If you are feeling worse off than before?  Call me ASAP!  and If you are feeling wonderful, your experience was amazing, and you are willing to share your joy, please do so in the comments below.  I hope that you feel inclined to share your ‘nuggets’ with me, and those you shared sacred space with as your intentions begin to form into reality. You truly honor the validity of my purpose when I hear the magic that occurs in your life. So please know that I do care, I want to hear from you! Reach out to me, via text, Facebook, Instagram! Integrity is an intricate part of my work. If you are struggling, I am here to continue to support your journey and assist you, privately, when you are ready, I am always here.

My personal takeaway from this experience has been working in a group setting and cultivating a relationship with YOU, and Mama Killa (Grandmother Moon), Inti Taita (Father Sun) Pachamama (Mother Earth) Hatun Chaska (Stars Brother and Sisters). Because nature, the elements are always supporting us. We take for granted the simplicity of life. It is in these particular instances wherein I can feel the power of what is to be present, whole, and connected.


In Munay, Liz

Your Inca Healing Goddess


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