Mesa Carrier

What is a Mesa carrier?  Well, for starters, what does a Mesa mean to a Shaman?  A Mesa is a traveling altar that connects a Shaman to the Luminous threads of the Universe.  Mesas carry a group of sacred stones or q’uiyas that serve both as an anchor to the earth and a gateway to the spirit world.  I’ve been a Mesa carrier for 4 years now.  At first, I didn’t understand why I always collected stones or totems, but I definitely felt their energetic vibration and their frequency depending on their natural qualities.  They were just laying around my house, carefully placed in random places of my living room, on my nightstand, or next to my Saints for ‘decoration’.  When I came home with a new stone, my inner child always felt like I had ‘done good’ especially when I would look up the healing property it had to offer me.  All I knew when I picked up the stone was that my hands would heat up or tingle.  Perhaps my heart would race a little.  It was a very clear ‘a-ha!’ moment, affirming what my soul was searching for and felt like the healing process could begin.  It is a sacred experience to be a Mesa carrier.  It has the wisdom to tell your story, or the story of others.  My personal relationship with my Mesa is an act of love.  It needs to be fed, tended in reciprocity in the right relationship with my higher self and as I grow, my mesa grows both spiritually and emotionally too.  Today, I feed my Mesa, commune with it, read from it, I receive messages from ascended masters and guides.  Most of the sacred stones I carry in my Mesa are sources of wisdom.  They carry healing energies from my sacred journey and have been gifted to me by mother earth from powerful places and/or my teachers, including my higher self.

Basic Use and Purpose of the Mesa

When a Shaman opens their mesa it is representing the opening of the light body of the Shaman.  It is also an initiation of opening ceremony, a ground for personal work and development; and my favorite use of my Mesa, to connect with Spirit and its Universal Answers.  It is also a journey into the organized world known as the Inca Cosmology also known as the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious of the soul.  There are layers in a Shaman’s journey.

A mesa is a deep expression of nature.  The sacred stones form a rich tapestry connecting one to pachamama, mother earth.  The communion with the Mesa is the energetic body of the shaman and the spirit world.

Aside from the transmission of ((Rites of Passage)), a true Mesa Carrier can acknowledge the power (its capacity to hold energy) of the transmission and experiential growth within the sacredness the Mesa offers a Shaman.  Activating your Mesa, not only assembles for the connection but also the ability to be in ayni (the right relationship) a balance of masculine and feminine energy with the q’uiyas which is the essence, the gift, and wisdom the Mesa has to offer.  You will notice this by the way the stones magically develop specific arrangements so that everything is working together, creating a visual symphony of power and wholeness to a Mesa Carrier.

Sacred Stones and Objects known as “Q’uiyas”

It is important that the stones (q’uiyas) in your Mesa are not chipped or with missing pieces as they must be capable of holding energy.  Q’uiyas are imprinted with information that a shaman learns to access as their knowledge and understanding of the q’uiya deepens.  These sacred objects are collected when going to spiritual, powerful places, vortexes, ceremonies and/or where healings have occurred within you.  The q’uiya may have provided for you a personal healing, been gifts of lineage (meaning an ancestor offered them to you), gifts from a place of power in nature, gifts from spirit and finally stones that represent the archetypes, which are part of the ((Inca Cosmology)).

Would you like to learn how to connect with your Mesa?  Click here


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